According to a tweet from Maarten Visser about the Microsoft Office roadmap, we can assume a beta of SharePoint 15 will come halfway 2012 and the release early 2013.

Image from Maarten Visser’s Tweet

If you want to know more about the new features of SharePoint 15, read this post.

I was fighting with this all day long.

I created a WCF service project (the host) and placed the ServiceContract (Interface) in a separate assembly. In another project (the consumer) I referenced that assembly and generated a proxy, with add service reference, and made sure the “reuse types in referenced assemblies” was checked. It then generated the proxy, but not using my handmade interface. To be entirely clear: it is generating an interface, but not using mine from the referenced assembly.

That’s weird, I thought I checked reuse types? So I tried it over and over with different settings, endpoints and cups of coffee, but with no success. So at the end of the day I googled a bit and found out that the “reuse types in referenced assemblies” only applies to DataContracts and not to ServiceContracts! Doh!

So, is it a bug or is it a feature? Well, to me it makes no sense that ServiceContracts don’t get reused, so in my opinion it’s a bug.

What are our options then? Not using the “add service reference”, but doing it manually with a few lines of code, which is also a bit neater:

// Supply the binding and address in code
Binding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
EndpointAddress address = new EndpointAddress("");
IServiceContract channel = ChannelFactory.CreateChannel(binding, address);

// Or read them from the config file
ChannelFactory channelFactory = new ChannelFactory();
IServiceContract channel = channelFactory.CreateChannel();